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Zhejiang Haosheng New Material Co., LTD.
     Established in 1996, we supply a variety of fabrics and clothing. We export $15 million worth of goods each year to buyers like you in the Americas, Western Europe and Southeast Asia.We have many international cooperating relations,such as warlmark, Adidas, Reebok, And so on.
     Our Factory
     Our 28,000-square-meter factory is equipped with 27 production lines. On those lines we have 20 warp-knitting machines from Kal Meyer and Liba, and five Xinhong warping machines. With this equipment we are able to produce up to 4,500 tons of fabric every year. And its all produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards to ensure our products are of the highest quality.
     Our Selection
     In our 16 years in the industry, we have accumulated over 100 types of fabric. You can come to us for tricot, suede, velvet, aloba and mesh fabrics, as well as a variety of household textiles, sportswear, outerwear and women's wear. We welcome your OEM projects.
     Contact us today
     Take a look at some of our selections in our showroom. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today.


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China Organization Code Certificate
Organization Code Certificate
Issued Organization£º China National Quality Supervising and Testing Bureau
Effective Date£º 17th Sept., 2002
Closed Date£º 17th Sept., 2006
China Export and Import Company Certificates
Export and Import Company Certificates
Issued Organization£º ZheJiang Foreign Trade Economy Operation Office
Issued Date£º 19th June, 2003
Closed Date£º

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